The number one reason why men and some women visit strip club is to experience a “fantasy world” away from the stresses of their work and home life. They want an escape from reality!

Most men that frequent strip clubs are successful and hard-working men!  The strip club environment offers them a safe space to escape and relax. The majority of regulars at a strip clubs; are there because they enjoy the “social” interactions with beautiful, sexually open, women; who are there to satisfy to their needs.

Some men visit the club because they are “socially awkward”. Some men struggle with social interactions; especially with beautiful women. The strip club gives them an opportunity to engage with sexually attractive women without the same social fears or the feeling of rejection. Some of these men struggle to get a normal date never mind getting to spend time with their “Dream girl”!  Strip clubs are where dreams come true. Guys get to spend time with their dream girl is a real fantasy world.

Many men that visit strip clubs are married. Strip clubs allow them to have fun with a woman or many women without the demands of their wives or partners. You may be surprised to know that sexual fantasy is not the primary reason many men visit strip clubs.

Many strippers make their biggest money, from men, for engaging in an intelligent and authentic conversation. Some men pay dancers thousands, just to have them listen to them or give them backrubs for a couple of hours; every week! They crave appreciation and validation.

A small minority of men who visit strip clubs have physical disabilities, from missing limbs to being wheel chair bound. They are usually intelligent and crave women attention, affection and sexual stimulation. These men love exotic dancer because they are open and sexually comfortable with them. Strippers perform lap dances on their wheelchairs and embrace these men in the club environment in a way that they probably don’t experience in the real world.

A significant number of women frequent female strip clubs! Some that women and including many straight women; are turned on and fascinated by strip clubs! The fascination many women have about strippers suggest that there is very real deeper longing to express unself-conscious and sexual expression.  A strip club give women a safe space to express and appreciate sexual fantasy.
There is an intense fascination and fantasy for many women about exotic dancers and the kind of sexual freedom of expression that many women believe they represent! There is a stripper in most girls screaming to come out and play!

The men and women who visit strip clubs are diverse and don’t fit into the box or label of out-of-control sexually aggressive males. From bachelor parties, to college boys, to rich men, the socially awkward, physically challenged or curious women strip clubs are harmless and frequented by them all. Strip clubs are colorful part of our culture and history. Viva strip clubs! VIVA!