At Exclusive Dance Recruitment we experienced many situation, every excuse, every problem and incredible success story.  We have seen exotic dancers make a BIG money from dancing, but remember the career has a limited number of years attached to it!

There are two categories of dancers; The Amateur and The Professional. The amateur dancer just works enough to get by.  She never saves any money and she has have any money. These girls work hard enough to make the rent and support their party lifestyle. They always under pressure to make this week’s levy because they blow all their money on partying and buying expensive toys.

Every week it is the same story they stress all week, panicking about money but work just hard enough to pay rent and any money left over is flushed down the toilet partying.  Every week they blow their BIG money on partying, doing drugs, buying expensive clothes, and wasting all their money with absolutely no regard for their future.

An Amateur Dancer spends all her BIG money on liabilities. They survive and lives day to day, week to week. Hoping from club to club with no plan and no direction. They live just for today, with no regards for tomorrow.

A Professional dancer invest money and time in to her Business. She invests in assets! She invests in her customs, shoes, make up, outfits, and accessories. The professional dancer visits the gym regularly and works on her skills as a dancer. She is well groomed and always looks good. She invests in herself and her future. The professional dancer has goals and direction. She has an exit strategy. She knows she can’t work in the industry as a dancer for ever and she plans for her future. She is always saving and investing.

When you are making a BIG money every day, it is easy to take it for granted.  If you don’t plan, you may struggle to make the BIG amounts of money every day, once you have stopped dancing.  You need to be smart and SAVE and INVEST as much of it as you can.

You can live the life of your dreams when you are patient and plan for your future. Don’t flush your good fortune down the toilet. Build a cushion to absorb your ups and downs. You will have weeks when business is great and weeks when you struggle to make the rent. Be prepared for the rainy days.

The Amateur dancer struggles through her fortune as it she flushes she future down the toilet, living a pray that one will come and save her. A professional dancer invests and plans for the long term. They have 5 years plans some have and 10 plans. They have goals and they have direction. Be a professional. Life is better when you are a professional.