Strippers often arrive for their first day on the job miserably broke. They spend your last coins on the bus or they buy a drink at the bar to boost their confidence with your last R20.

The next day they are walking on sunshine, while ordering juicy steak and expensive Champagne for breakfast; just because they can! Dancers always make more money, then most people eventually.

When you become a stripper, the first night you dance you make R2000 in your first two hours. You have made more money than you have ever made in your life, for the hours worked. You are the dancing queen! The Queen of the night!

Then you get better and you make R4000. Suddenly R2000 was not worth getting out of bed for. Then you make your first R10 000 in one night. R4000 a night becomes annoying …..

Suddenly you discover, what the other girls are making. This adds fire and becomes a burning issue.  You get frustrated even angry because you are on R3000 for that night, and you suspect some of the others dancers have made more than R6000. You like a tiger on the prowl searching for your next victim!

The competition is fierce between strippers. But not in the way that many would assume. Dancers learn early on in their careers; being the thinnest, prettiest, or the most intelligent girl in the club does not define you or your success. What defines you in the stripper world is “It is how much money did you make? ”

The sole driving force of girls entering the industry is;” how much money did you make?”

The deal-breaker is your ability to leave the club with a bag full of cash.  Strippers earn excessively more, than your average civilians working the same hours. The good nights are what truly makes stripping the sexiest job in the world because every day is pay day! Like life in the real world, not every night can be a good night, but when it is good; it is gold!